Teqworks Solution Support

The pride and joy of Teqworks is what sets us apart from all your other options for IT support: the Teqworks Solution Support team. This unique set of high performing individuals comprises a team that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our Support Analysts are not geeks and nerds, but exceptional communicators with a knack for problem solving and leaning on each other to respond quickly and effectively.

When we add to our Solution Support team, we look for bright individuals who listen, read, speak, and write beyond your expectations. Technology skills are always changing and growing, but the love of puzzles and understanding how things work create the foundation of knowledge, and the team dynamic allows for sharing of expertise areas in solution development.

Teqworks is always looking for bright minds and personalities to join the Solution Support team. If you know of the right person who thinks this environment sounds fun, send a resume and cover letter to careers@teqworks.com for consideration.

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