Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become a necessity of the modern workplace, where the ability to work from anywhere is now commonplace.  The pace of product innovation from the Microsoft Teams development team has been impressive. The features and functions have really improved since we all went remote two years ago.

Teams has become the company “hub for teamwork.” There are so many great features for communication, collaboration and productivity gains – it can bring a team together in a way that email struggles to accomplish.

Here are three benefits that Teams consistently brings to Teqworks:

  1. Minimize email! Instead of sifting through email threads, we connect on Teams chat to understand the situation quickly and casually.
  2. From that same chat screen we can launch a collaborative space, sharing and co-authoring presentations, documents, or spreadsheets. Real time collaboration often avoids homework after the meeting!
  3. The mobile app works great for attending meetings on the go. Another huge area of improvement for Microsoft Teams is the iOS app. It allows us to stay connected and productive anywhere we have a mobile signal.

The challenge with Microsoft Teams is getting the software properly configured and organized.  Teqworks specializes in providing recommendations to secure your data. Using our own experience as a company, as well as the lessons learned of our clients, we can provide fresh ideas for leveraging your technology.

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