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Managed IT Solutions

Virtual CIO

One of the greatest challenges of any small or midsized organization is understanding what technology is in place, and what is needed for the future beyond replacing computers.  Teqworks operates as your virtual CIO (vCIO) to periodically review the current state of IT, plan changes and improvements for the future, and track progress on the plan.

24×7 Health/Hardware Monitoring

Teqworks monitors your servers and endpoint assets (Windows, Mac) 24×7 for health, uptime, and hardware issues.  In most cases, pending and potential hardware failures can be detected and resolved before they impact the user and productivity.

Maintenance and Updates

Teqworks Managed IT Services keeps computers and servers up to date with upgrades, updates, patches, and hotfixes.  Computers are kept is top condition through automated regular maintenance and computer clean-up tasks.

Inventory Management

All of your IT equipment is catalogued and documented in our secure documentation portal, available for your review and reference through online access or reports on request.

Solution Support – Onsite

For Gold support computers and all servers, Teqworks Solution Support Analysts and Engineers will perform issue triage and resolution on site, as required.

Solution Support – Remote

For all supported computers, Teqworks Solution Support Analysts and Engineers will perform issue triage and resolution over remote connect, phone, and screen sharing, as required.

Live Help Desk – Unlimited

Every supported user and employee will have access to unlimited assistance from our friendly, local, and on-staff Solution Support team, whether in the office, at home, or on the road.   The Teqworks Solution Support Help Desk runs live from 8:00A to 5:30P Monday through Friday, and responds to after-hours emergency help requests


Security Solutions

Advanced Threat Protection, powered by Teqworks, is an add-on solution to protect your cloud, network and endpoints from Next Generation threats.  ATP provides best in class security protection through three capabilities:

  • 24×7 Managed threat Detection & Response (MDR): 24×7 monitoring, assessment, and mitigation. Through MDR, Teqworks provides Security Operations Center (SOC) services to deliver the most complete security solution to small and midsize organizations.
  • Endpoint threat Detection & Response (EDR): Software that protects endpoints through artificial intelligence, target prediction, and behavior detection. EDR replaces conventional antivirus to deliver artificial intelligence, target prediction, and behavior detection.
  • Network threat Detection & Response (SIEM): Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is Centralized event collection system that documents all events and behaviors on a network, perform root cause analysis, and collect data from network traffic and endpoint activity (EDR). Teqworks provides an on-premises appliance to perform this collection and replication to our MDR service for analysis and detection.


Teqworks installs, monitors, and manages business-class, tried and effective antivirus/antimalware software and licensing on every supported computer.  No more purchasing antivirus software and handling license renewal.

Server BDR – Onsite + Cloud

Your servers are backed up as full restorable images onto an appliance located at your office, and then are replicated to secure cloud vault storage.  Backups are verified and tested nightly, and are available for restoration within hours or even minutes.  In the event of a catastrophic disaster to your servers, the cloud storage copies can be raised virtually in the cloud to help you resume operations faster.

Endpoint-to-Cloud User Data Backup (User devices)

Files, documents, settings on your users/employees devices are backed up to our secure cloud vault.  Users often have more than one device, and a single user can have all of their devices (desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, Windows, Mac, and Android) secured by Endpoint-to-Cloud User Data Backup.  Backed up files are shareable across all devices.

Cloud-to-Cloud User Data Backup (Microsoft 365)

Did you know Microsoft 365 does not back up your Office 365 mailbox, contacts, calendars, OneDrive, and SharePoint information?  But with Teqworks Cloud-to-Cloud User Data Backup, all of this information is saved nightly to a secure cloud vault that is immune to data loss due to compromise or breach, and can be restored in minutes.

Spam and Malware Filter

Teqworks provides offsite, cloud-based spam filtering and email security scanning for all incoming and outgoing email messages.  Junk email is filtered or quarantined, while malware and malicious links are removed from inbound messages.  Full control is available to each user to adjust their detection settings, handle quarantined items, and update whitelists/blacklists.

Email Encryption

For those who need to trade sensitive information (PII, HIPAA, financial) with outside parties, email encryption is available to securely send and receive this information without it being exposed to open (“in the clear”) internet traversal.  Works natively with Microsoft Outlook, and allows users to send and receive encrypted emails from webmail and smartphones.

Security Awareness Training

Teqworks partners with KnowBe4, a global leader in user security awareness training and susceptibility analysis.  As part of our push to educate each and every supported user and employee, Security Awareness Training raises the last line of defense in your IT environment by giving your users the tools they need to detect and respond to social engineering and phishing attempts.

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